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Owner & Dealer Principal

Christopher P. Carusona
Dealer Principal

Owner of Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln since October 1988!


Sales Department Staff

Ken Aarnos
Preowned Vehicle Sales Manager

Ken joined our Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln Sales Team in December 2019. Ken brings with him a wealth of experience in sales and management positions in over 22 years with various automotive dealerships.

Eli Guerra
General Sales Manager

Eli joined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln in January 2001 as a Automotive Sales Consultant. In May 2006 Eli was promoted to Manager of the Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln Domestic and Import Center. In 2012 Eli was promoted to Finance and Insurance Manager for both dealership stores and held that position until October 2016 when Eli was promoted to General Sales Manager for Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln! 

Charles Stewart Rice
Certified Ford & Lincoln Sales Consultant

Before Charles joined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln in July 2016, he was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Charles spent 4 years in the United States Army serving with the 29th Field Artillery Regiment in Baumholder, West Germany before returning to San Antonio. Moving from San Antonio to Dallas, Texas he spent 10 years working in corporate security. Charles moved to Ruidoso, New Mexico in 2006 and managed a local convenience store for 7 years before returning to San Antonio for a year. Charles left San Antonio for Capitan, New Mexico and is now happily married with 4 children, three step children, 5 grandchildren, a chocolate lab and a Saint Bernard. 

Jason J. Kinnick
Automotive Sales Consultant

Jason joined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln in October 2017!

Pierce Montoya
Automotive Sales Consultant

Pierce joined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln in June 2019

Toni Foligno
Automotive Sales Consultant

Toni joined the Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln Team in May 2015!

John L. Blake
Automotive Sales Consultant

John joined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln in June 2013!


General Manager

Jack W. Casler
General Manager

I joined the Ruidoso Ford- Lincoln Team on June 1, 1995 as a Sales Consultant Trainee. Since that time I have had the opportunity to hold the positions of Certified Sales Consultant, Finance & Insurance Manager, New Vehicle Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, and my current position as General Manager for Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln. During my time with the dealership I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with many of our fine team members in serving our exceptional customers everyday with their automotive needs. Please contact me if I may be of any assistance. Thank you for the opportunity! 


Finance and Insurance Business Manager

Kelly Airgood
Finance and Insurance Manager

My family and I moved to Ruidoso in 2009 and I started in the Sales Department in early 2011. I have been in the Pre Owned Department and I now am in the position of Finance & Insurance Business Manager. I love to golf, fish and spend time with my family in our awesome community! I am a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force and continue to always support our Veterans! My promise to you is that we will always assist you in making the right decision on a vehicle purchase and help you in your financing options. Stop by and say hi! 


Service Department Staff

Ron Walker
Service Manager & Shop Foreman

Ron joined the Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln Team in May 1989!

Christina Wall
Service Advisor

Christina joined the Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln Team in May 2008!

Cesar Gomez
Senior Technician

Cesar joined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln in January 1999! During his 20 years with our dealership Cesar has become instrumental as the Senior Technician in our growing pre-owned Domestic and Import Center business!!!

Marvin Yuzos
Senior Technician

Marvin first joined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln in August 1991 leaving in 2010 for a short time. He rejoined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln in 2002 and since that time Marvin has achieved and currently holds the following prestigious positions of : 1)10 Year Senior Master Achievement 2) 10 Year Chassis Master Achievement 3) 10 Year Drivetrain Master Achievement 4) 10 Year Engine Master Achievement!! Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln is very proud of Marvin's accomplishments and of his title of Senior Master Technician!!!

Fred Monte
Service Support Staff Manager

Fred joined the Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln Team in May 2014 as a Service Staff  Member! In July 2017 Fred was promoted to Service Support Staff Manager!!!

Haroldson Shosh
Service Technician
(575) 378-4400

Haroldson (Harry) joined the Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln Team in April 2017 as a Support Staff Member in the Service Department! Haroldson recently has been promoted to Service Technician and is enrolled in the Ford Asset Technical Career Program!

Loren Mendez
Technician Support Trainee

Loren joined the Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln Team in November 2017 in the position of Support Staff Member in our Service Department! Since that time Loren has been promoted to position of Service Technician Support Trainee and has recently been accepted and enrolled into the Ford Asset Technical Career Program!!!

Victor Najera-Assett
Service Technician

Victor joined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln on July 9, 2018 and is currently enrolled in the Ford Asset Technical Career Program!

Adam Kazhe
Service Support Team Member

Adam joined the Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln Team in August 2018!

Matthew Miranda
Lube, Oil, and Filter Technician

Matthew joined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln in March 2019 as a Service Support Staff Member. In April 2019 Matthew was promoted to the position of Lube,Oil, and Filter Technician!!!

Duane Bullion
Support Staff Member

Duane joined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln in May 2019 in the position of Service Support Staff Member!!!


Parts Department Staff

Jeremy Taylor
Parts Department Manager

Jeremy joined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln in September 1990!

Tony Ballard
Parts Department Support Team Member

Tony joined the Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln Team in October 2016!


Business Office Staff

Kent King
Business Manager

Kent joined the Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln Team in July 2003!

Isela Sedillo
Rental Manager

Isela joined Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln in May 2000!


Maintenance Department Staff

William Wheeler
Maintenance Department Manager

William (Bill) joined the Ruidoso Ford-Lincoln Team in July 1995!